As the son of an artist (an ad man), I was given pencil and paper to keep me entertained from a very young age.  In high school, I was able to take college level art classes, and in college, I studied figure drawing and drama.  

That led me to Los Angeles, where I live and work, thus garnering a fascination for movies and old-world Hollywood.  

I made this collection because the art that I would like on my walls, in-part, is Audrey Hepburn or other cinematic icons.  They represent good times- watching their work.  One of the first paintings I sold was of Steve McQueen; and he recounted fondly sitting together with his father and watching those flicks.  

I chose spray paint as the medium on this collection because no other medium has colors with consistent transparency; and I wanted the viewer to see and experience the minutia layered under the larger picture. 

The lines/bars around the outside of the painting serve dual purposes- for starters, they are structural. The viewers gaze is constantly being drawn back into the piece as their eyes wander around the piece.  Secondly, the lines form a calling card for my artwork. 

My artwork is currently being shown at The Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge in Brentwood, California. This was my first showing, and I sold five pieces in the first three months!

Thank you.

Tim Summerfield